No new club layouts, now there might be three or more!

With our layout storage proposals still awaiting a response from MVMH trustees, at a recent club session it was decided to proceed on construction of some small layouts, the sections of which can  all be easily carried in one car; are light to handle; are of a section size not exceeding 1200 x 600 and can be easily stored at the homes of members. Stock must be available from within the club membership.

Members were given some ideas for new layouts, which covered a range of scales, gauges,prototypes and areas of the world. Members were asked to come up with some schemes that small teams of 3 or 4 members could build by mid February 2013. They have until the end of June 2012 to come up with schemes, costs and programmes to put to the club. Members can be part of more than one team, so that expertise can be shared around. The club committee will decide which layout proposals the club will finance. Other layouts can be built without club backing, if members want to form a co-operative by sharing costs of construction, to build a layout. However agreement on what happens to the “assets” if the group should split up will need to be decided at the outset. Layouts  constructed and owned by one member with occasional  constructional help from other members is another possibility.

At least two layouts look to have interest and we will update on these and others as time passes.

The layouts will be exhibited at the club’s Open Day in October, in incomplete form, together with progress photos, background data and design development drawings.

A member returns

David G, who played a large part in the design and construction of the club N gauge layout Coppleston Park, which was later converted to Yamanouchi Oshika, has returned to the club after a break of a couple of years.

David who now models in American N, returns as an Associate Member, as he unable to come along to the club regularly.

The total membership is now 14 which is the highest figure for a few years.