Eastleigh/ Eurotrack 2012

This was our first invite to this two day show and we attended with our N scale Japanese outline layout Yamanouchi Oshika.

An early start was required on the Saturday to avoid a Friday evening set up. We had a largish team on the Saturday with Nick,Ben, David P, Bob and Tony and we had no trouble with setting up in good time for the opening.

With the team we had opportunity for hunting for some H0 bargains for our proposed new German outline layout and useful items were procured. The show was busy and the layout ran reasonably well with a wide variety of stock. Nick had to bow out early with an attack of the “lurgy” and he didn’t return on the Sunday. We had a reduced team on Sunday with Bob, Matt and Tony and only two vehicles. A good crowd and some enthusiastic interest from fellow exhibitors.

The fairly long route to get the layout to the cars convinced us of the need for a wheeled truck of some sort. Even so packing stuff into two cars was tight and some electrical connectors suffered damage and will need remedial work.

All in all a successful outingĀ  but very tiring for us old guys!