In late February 2011 Tony & Janet gave the club  notice to leave the garage by 20th April 2012; also to change to fortnightly meetings in the garage from 19th August 2011, with the suggestion to use the committee room at the Milland Village Hall  for the alternate Friday evening meetings.

The club has been in the garage since October 2006  when the previous club building, on a local farm, was required at short notice for redevelopment. The idea was to give the club breathing space to find other premises or to follow up on an offer to return to the same farm, in different premises.  Nothing materialised and  unfortunately other avenues were not initiated.

Tony also made an offer to purchase Weyford on Sea to reduce the storage problem that would certainly follow a move to a venue where the room was to be  hired for the duration of meeting.

At an EGM in March the basis of the proposals was agreed, but the club decided to go to fortnightly meetings at the Committee Room from 6th May, with the likelihood of a move to every Friday meetings there before Christmas 2011, although this is yet to be agreed. Discussions about storage is under-way with the Hall trustees.

The club agreed to accept Tony’s offer for the layout and work starts shortly on revising the racking layout and redecorating the area to accept the layout.

When operational the club will have use of the layout for operating sessions four times a year.

From June 2011 all meetings are held in Milland Valley Memorial Hall Committee Room.


Updated 20-11-2011