Changes to Cottleston Park location in time for Midhurst Show 2010

As the club’s Weyford-on-Sea 00 layout will not be fully altered and up dated in time for the Midhurst Show we will be exhibiting a relocation of our modern image Cottleston Park to the Far East with new name and changed scenery.

Nick,  who has collected a formidable collection of Japanese outline stock of all types had persuaded other N gauge modellers to embark on entirely new layout for exhibition in 2010/11. In reviewing a plan B for the Midhurst Show in late Feb 2010 it was decided that Cottleston Park could easily be refreshed and upgraded as a Japanese layout with appropriate changes to the scenic treatment and buildings in time for Midhurst. Work starts on this immediately, with the layout having been taken out of storage and transferred back to our temporary club room a couple of weeks ago.

Two weeks before the Midhurst Show the layout is due to appear at Alton MRC FEBex. This will be probably be with a mixture of European and Japanese stock as the exhibition manager is keen on seeing plenty of modern image N stock from across the world running on it.

After much contemplation the revised layout will be called Yamanouchi Oshika which I have been assured has been checked to ensure it won’t offend any Japanese speakers!

This layout will be used as a trial for the techniques to be used on the entirely new layout which will now be built slightly later than originally planned.

Work on Weyford-on-Sea continues.