Weyford on Sea-progress

The station boards are now in their travel boxes to protect from damage and to make storage easier; the fiddle yard is in a similar state.

The remaining boards which are the incomplete docks and cuttings sections are erected and can now be worked on in anger.

We have a deadline of end September scenically. Amongst the work is a dockside crane, Weyford Docks platform and the combined passenger terminal for BOAC and Southern Railway Marine services. Also completion of the Victorian housing, road and rail bridges and surfacing the dock area.

A programme of work on the replacement of existing electrics on the station boards has yet to be agreed. This is dependant upon a full operating sequence being available to ensure operational requirements and controls match! Whilst our resident electrical expert, John, is beating up the preserved railways of France, the sequence will be completed for his return.

Although the layout is not due out until next February, we realised recently that there was a dormant invite to the Fareham and District MRC’s Wickham Show inĀ  October, of which we have heard nought since last year.

If this invite is forthcoming, it will need some serious consideration of the re-wiring programme. Do we do it before Wickham or after? Both will be problematical, as we want to have at least a month of “operational shakedown” sessions before any major exhibition.