Clubroom improvements and layout news

Clubroom has new ceiling and re-arrangements give more useable space

Now the extreme cold weather has gone, our temporary clubroom has  had some improvements this past week. A ceiling has been installed, (soon with insulation) and the draughty garage doors now have have an insulated “wall” on the inside.  The lighting has been improved and completion of  the painting of the walls in a Southern scheme of green and cream and the ceiling in white. is under way this weekend.

This work has “added” usable layout space, with the metal racking containing years of railway magazines now positioned up against the new insulated “wall”. This “new” space will enable work on “the yet unamed” Japanese N gauge layout to proceed a pace.

So all this work could be carried out (Many thanks to Andrew and Eric for their usual very professional work) Weyford on Sea was dismantled and will go up again next Friday, by which time the clubroom painting will be complete, some pin boards up on the walls and all tidied away.

The next priority is to continue work on the scenic treatment on Weyford for its next anticipated outing to the Hollycombe Railway Weekend in early June. However we have not as yet received any confirmation of our attendance and seem unable to raise the organiser despite numerous e-mails.