Weyford on Sea -progress report

Progress on new parts of layout

Work on the extension to Weyford Docks is well under way.

All new baseboards have been constructed and track has been laid in the fiddle yard, Weyford to fiddle yard, Weyford to and including Docks station.

Wiring on fiddle yard is well under way. Fitting of point motors to Docks due soon

Scenic work has commenced in “old dock area” of Weyford Docks

Lift off town scenic section constructed

Eric is constructing large warehouse/factory unit from Scalescenes kit

Progress photographs are appearing on RM web

Martin, John and the writer are working on the layout during the week plus David C when his leaky boiler permits (8-1-09 and 13-1-09 so far with 15-1-09 planned with hopefully regular twice weekly for remainder of run-up to Midhurst)

We still await confirmation of Midhurst attendance