Durbridge (Dursley) in wartime

Of all the places that would be the destination of a Dunkirk troop evacuation train from Dover, one of the least likely must be Dursley.

Friday May 31st 1940 Train no V.162 Departed Dover 10-15am;  Arrived Redhill 12.53 pm  Departed  1.01pm Route via Reading and Yate (Gloucestershire)

There is no record of its arrival time in Dursley or what  facility the troops were accommodated in upon arrival.

This was the 44th evacuation train of 79 operated that day, of which 61 left Dover

An average of 536 troops were accommodated in each of the 560 trains that were operated from 27th May to 3rd June 1940.

In total 300,563 troops were evacuated from Dunkirk and thence by train from south coast ports.

Perhaps a special on the layout…