Latest happenings at the L&DMRC

Coppleston has been undergoing a make-over with Ben taking a one section a week back home and returning it the following Friday. He’s been tidying/tweaking the wiring and refreshing the scenery with his new electrostatic grass applicator. Seems to work a treat!

Lots of Japanese bullet trains of various types have been appearing of late, brought along by John and Nick, together with suburban stock. I think it’s been agreed that Tony will have the Coppleston layout in store, after the Fareham show and that a new layout will be constructed set in Japan!

David G is also bringing along the odd American item and hopes to construct an American module that uses the Japanese layout’s fiddle yard.

Weyford on Sea remains stoutly British – The engine shed area has been receiving some scenic work by Eric and Andrew-walls,fencing etc as has the cutting and embankment leading to the dock and fiddle yard. I’ve started forming an area that includes a road and over-bridge that will lead out of the docks. I’m intending to use Scalescenes warehouses and terraced houses in this area together with a scratch-built bomb site and a Hornby pill-box.

Plans are being hatched to have a flying boat/liner terminal at the dock to enhance the potential rail traffic perhaps including special Pullman trains.

It’s been good to see Alf back at our Friday sessions after a bit of a gap.

Attendance continues to be good, with  9 or 10 most weeks