Liphook and District Model Railway Club Friday 7th July

00 team

Good turnout and because of the first dry day for what seems like a month, we were able to set up a sheet of ply on trestles in the garden to enable us to plan out the two new boards that will turn Weyford on Sea into a “U” shaped layout.

The plans had to be modified somewhat to get a maximum radius on the main line, suitable for the many big Southern engines members have. Now we will have a single line main into the terminus. Entry to the branch to the Dock station will be from platforms 1 and 2 only. Boat trains will come into these platforms; through carriages to the docks will be detached by the station pilot- probably an M-7 or a BR Std 2-6-4, which will then take these carriages on a falling grade to the dock station, passing under the main line, just as it enters the fiddle yard.

There will be some further discussions next week on the type of baseboard to be built to allow for some elements to be at the same level as current and other elements at lower or higher levels. An open framework with no conventional baseboard top seems favourite, but those doing the baseboard building- Eric & Andrew need to be happy with this.

A lot of new material will be needed for these new boards and Martin is contacting local model shops to see what discounts may be on offer. Alf kindly brought along 7 yards of Peco track for use on the new layout.

N Gauge team

A near full turnout and a running session on Coppleston kept all attendees occupied. Next week there will be “IMPORTANT DISCUSSIONS” on what, in the light of operating experience, needs to be done to further improve the layout. The scenic treatment will also be involved- look out for news of major developments in the town centre.