N scale layout- Cottleston Park

Layout Basis

Having witnessed both the peaks and troughs of railway fortunes, Cottleston Park is depicted at a most interesting time. The station was built in late Victorian times as a terminus for the branch line from Shepards Milne, later expanded to also serve the newly developed suburb of the neighbouring town, named Cottleston Park, after the seat of a local landowner.

The architecture of the area was and still is, somewhat unremarkable; standard Victorian suburb with following styles “tacked-on” in a polyglot of very average British provincial appearance. The station was only noteworthy for its nearby sizable goods yard and motive power shed, long since gone, as are the station canopies which once adourned the terminal & through platforms.Where once steam engines were coaled and watered, is now a light industrial park; the pit of the removed turntable becoming a wetland habitat.

Remarkably, some of the original goods yard survives in much reduced circumstances, with a diesel fueling and servicing facility occupying part of the site. Cutting across the site is the reason for the goods yards fate- the urban ring road stuffed with heavy lorries.

One feature of the railway scene, unchanged since the line was built, is the fearsome 1 in 45 “Tygger Bank”, which was once the the burden of engine drivers and firemen with long unfitted freight trains in tow and still capable of giving modern diesels, checked by local signals, a bit of a fright, when called onto start with a heavy load.

Despite “Beeching” and various rationalisation schemes since, the branch line to Shepards Milne remains, operated by DMUs’ with an occasional freight run for a timber yard. To the hawk-eyed observer preservation society activity of ancient diesels and steam engines can be seen around the branch-will this become an early Community Railway?

After nearly 130 years Cottleston Park still has much railway activity; express trains, local stopping and branch line services; fast freight trains through to mainland Europe via the channel tunnel; light engine workings and even some shunting; all in a multiplicity of colourful liveries & types of stock and motive power to delight the casual observer and enthusiast alike.


Semi-urban U.K. based layout set in the period from the mid 1970’s to the present day, demonstrating a significant variety of both kit-built and ready-to-run locomotives and rolling stock.

Designed to entertain the exhibition visitor, Cottleston Park is a combination of both continuous run & fiddle yard to layout.

The extensive fiddle yard allows for a wide variety of of different trains to be assembled; the layout contains terminal passenger platforms and freight facilities, in addition to through running lines, the combination of which has potential for operating complexity and constant activity.

The layout was exhibited at the 2007 Midhurst Modellers Show & has invites for shows later this year & in 2008.

Exhibition Information

Size: 4.88 (16′) x 2.44 (8′) -includes operator space (operators at rear) but not barriers

Operators: 4 or 5, including cover (Operators are usually members of the L&DMRC

Electrics: 2x13amp socket outlets required. Currently there is no lighting pelmet

Transport: Two cars for layout sections (4) plus further one or two cars for operators

Expenses: Please request-based on distance from Milland -on West Sussex/Hampshire border

Pictures: see Liphook and District Model Railway Club contacts page

Contacts for layout booking

Via club officers or cottleston-park@hotmail.co.uk