Normal Wednesday at the club

I really must get myself organised to get to the club on time!

I did remember to take all the exhibition papers for David & some green paint (almost certainly the wrong green) to paint the patches to the scenery where the point switches were.

The canal area looks quite good now, with some “depth” given by the underpainting etc. Roger is going to try his hand at bull-rushes.

David & Eric continued with the saga of the three-way point, with Roger chipping in occassionally, but at the end of the session problems still remained, although not necesarily the ones they started with..

I painted the exposed sections of Artex patches & Roger did some more work on the factory bridge & I’ve brought it back here to add the “pipe bridge” support & the road bridge parapet for next week.

Stuart looked in & looked well despite his “op”. He looked at my scenic endeavours, luckily without comment!